The Magic Runes And How Their Magic Work

The Magic Runes And How Their Magic Work

The ancients knew that all things are full of runic power, all things had their magic runes. Runes are keys that act within the causal world of the cosmos. They are symbols that come and act on behalf of the forces they represent.

The magician is responsible for directing the forces through the act of ritual and thus be able to transform, manipulate and intensify their forces. These forces manifest themselves according to the laws inscribed in the Perth rune.

But, what exactly are magic runes?

Magic runes are symbols and alphabet. Originally the runes were small pieces of stone-like boulders.

Today there are runes of precious designs and they are made of all kinds of materials. The tradition of the magic runes has a Nordic origin. Its use spread among the Saxon, Celtic and Scandinavian peoples.

It is in these cultures where runes are important as part of their traditions. The runes were used as an alphabet to write, but in divination, they were used by a Shaman called Druid Snorri.

The history of magic runes

There is no consensus on the part of historians about the exact moment in which magic runes were invented. However, it is estimated that the first runic inscriptions date from the year 150. What they do agree is that they preceded any other type of writing of Germanic and Nordic peoples, such as the Vikings.

And in that they were used in magical rituals and as a form of divination. Carved in their weapons and tools, powers and spells were attributed to them that only some sages were able to decipher.

For the Vikings, its mysteries were equivalent to those of the I Ching for the Chinese, numerology for the Jews or the tarot for other peoples. Its origin is prior to many forms of divination, such as the Viking Tarot.

The magic runes were the first writing systems developed and used by the Germanic and Nordic peoples.

The magic runes functioned as letters, but they were much more than just letters in the sense that we understand the term today.

Each rune was an ideographic or pictographic symbol of some cosmological or power principle, of an emotion or feeling and to write a rune was to invoke and direct that force to achieve a purpose.

The magic runes, their conception and symbology, are as uncertain today as the Tarot and there are various theories and interpretations and I will not make a historical development here of the runes, but I will focus on their magnificent power.

The magic runes correspond to a phoneme, since these ancient peoples gave the word a very strong meaning, of great impact on the daily and future life of the people.

From there comes the fact of being careful what we “decree”, since the spoken word establishes a kind of relationship with the events that await us. While there are several runic alphabets, I will focus on the best known and oldest: The ancient Futhark, composed of 24 letters.
We will see each of them, its divinatory meaning for when you throw or consult the runes and their magical uses, for when you want to strengthen a ritual or make an order and achieve certain results.

Here are the types of magic runes

  1. FEHU: cattle
  2. Divinatory meanings: prosperity, money, wealth, concern for physical and financial needs, goals, promotion, self-esteem, self-centeredness, karma
    MAGICAL USES: For money, business, promotion, finding a job, achieving a goal, creating new businesses.

  3. URUZ: uros (The Uro was an old ox)
  4. Divinatory meanings: energy, passion, vitality, instinct, debauchery, sexuality, fertility, unconscious mind, primitiveness, irrationality, shamanic experience, the rite of passage.
    MAGICAL USES: To strengthen the will, increase sexual potency and energy; for hunting

  5. THURISAZ: giant
  6. Divinatory meanings: Difficulties, painful event, discipline, knowledge, introspection, focus.
    MAGICAL USES: Help in study and meditation, self-discipline, cleaning a bad situation.

  7. ANSUZ: Odin
  8. Divinatory meanings: Figure of authority, leader, mind and body in balance, justice, the shaman, the seer.
    MAGICAL USES: Making wise decisions, success, leadership; To help in divination and magic.

  9. RAIDHO: trip
  10. Divinatory meanings: Journey, pilgrimage, change, destiny, search, progress, life lessons
    MAGICAL USES: protection for travelers, to facilitate or cause change, to reconnect.

  11. KENAZ: Torch
  12. Divinatory meanings: Wisdom, insight, the solution to a problem, creativity, inspiration, enlightenment.
    MAGICAL USES: For creative inspiration, help in the study, fertility, anxiety and to dispel fear.

  13. GEBO: Gift
  14. Divinatory meanings: Gift, offering, relationship, love, marriage, the couple, generosity, unexpected good fortune.
    MAGICAL USES: to find or strengthen a relationship, for fertility, to receive a gift or offer, to bring luck.

  15. WUNJO: glory
  16. Divinatory meanings: Success, recognition of achievements, reward, joy, happiness, achievement of goals, satisfaction of duty accomplished.
    MAGICAL USES: For success in any company, to motivate, to complete a task, to have recognition from others.

  17. HAGALAZ: hail
  18. Divinatory meanings: Sudden loss, hard test, destruction, disaster, letting go, the failed trial, the karmic lesson, a drastic change.
    MAGICAL USES: The elimination of unwanted influences, breaking destructive behavior patterns, becoming aware of mistakes, changing negative habits.

  19. NAUTHIZ: need.
  20. Divinatory meanings: Poverty, misery, responsibility, discontent, obstacles, frustration.
    MAGICAL USES: To represent a need to cover, help achieve what you need, be satisfied in a need.

  21. ISAZ: ice
  22. Divinatory meanings: Inactivity, blockage, stagnation, potential, patience, reflection, withdrawal, rest.
    MAGICAL USES: to stop a process, to stop something, to block things, to rest from something that overwhelms us.

  23. JERA: Harvest
  24. Divinatory meanings: Change, turning point of a cycle, reward, movement, productivity, inevitable development, profit.
    MAGICAL USES: To make a change; for fertility and growth, to receive reward for something, to close one cycle and start another.

  25. EIHWAZ: yew
  26. Divinatory meanings: A change, the initiation, the confrontation of fears, turning point, death, transformation.
    MAGICAL USES: To achieve a profound change, to facilitate a transition of life, to let old things die and be born to new ones, to have courage.

  27. PERTH: vulva
  28. Divinatory meanings: Rebirth, mystery, magic, divination, fertility, sexuality, new beginning, prophecy.
    MAGICAL USES: Have fertility, facilitate childbirth, to help in divination and magic, the improvement of psychic abilities, sexual fullness.

  29. ALGIZ: protection
  30. Divinatory meanings: Protection, assistance, defense, warning, support, a mentor, an ethical dilemma.
    MAGICAL USES: to have protection, emotional support, spiritual advice, make decisions with the help of another, see the dangers and benefits of our decisions.

  31. SOWULO: sun
  32. Divinatory meanings: Success, positive energy, increase, power, activity, fertility, health.
    MAGICAL USES: Have energy, strength, success, healing, fertility, optimism.

  33. TEIWAZ: God Teiwaz
  34. Divinatory meanings: Duty, discipline, responsibility, sacrifice, conflict, strength, a wound, the physical, the way of the warrior.
    MAGICAL USES: the protection, the victory, the strength, the strengthening of the will, the healing of a wound, whether physical or spiritual.

  35. BERKANA: Birch
  36. Divinatory meanings:
    Fertility, health, new beginnings, growth

How drawing magic runes can help you

Many years ago, when I first met magic runes, one of the things I did, apart from unraveling and studying their meanings, was drawing them in different places. I especially remember once I felt the need to draw myself to Algiz who is the rune of protection and how I felt a great tranquility because I really felt protected at a time when I really needed it.

Then I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who did it. Drawing runes on objects or even drawing runes on the body was one of the ancient practices of the Nordic peoples. Each of them had a special meaning and function that determined its use.

Even today some symbols such as the Vegvisir or the Magic Compass are very common and many tattoos are found with his figure although its use is very old and is even mentioned in the sagas as a symbol that helped users find paths or not Get lost when there was bad weather.

Drawing magic runes is one of the most special ways of doing magic with them

Over time, I have learned to see that although the strokes seem simple, there is a complexity that comes from the countless years of history behind them. Their magic is very special and can be used in times of need, After all, that is also the grace of magic, being in the simplest things.

Magic runes can help you as well

The magic and mystery of magic runes can help you to answer your most important questions. You can use them to guess the future, strengthen some feeling, intention or request that we have.

In many rituals and spells, you must have seen that some of such simple spells direct you to carve a rune request on a particular candle. This means that it is a good idea that every time you light a candle, you should endeavour to carve a rune associated with your desire.

You can take it with you in a drawing, as an amulet, hang it as decoration in your home or business, put it next to your photograph and many other countless uses. Get in touch with me now if you would like to know more about magic runes.

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