Powerful Cleansing Rituals And Spells-PDF

Download PDF with Powerful Cleansing Rituals and Spells

Powerful Cleansing Rituals And Spells-PDF

Have you been looking for where to download love spells and rituals pdf files? Well, you no longer have to look any further because you can now access them here. The Cleansing Rituals that I am going to share below serve to help you keep your entire environment clean, of these bad energies that impede your progress and happiness in every way. The rituals of cleansing can be used personally and for the home, office, business, transportation and in many other areas of life where there is negativity.

Tuesdays and Saturdays are the most ideal for performing the rituals.

Regarding the stage of the moon, the waning moon is ideal, although you can do them at any time and any day. I personally recommend that before performing any cleansing ritual, take time to meditate and ward off those bad thoughts, keep your mind calm and positive. More details and instructions can be found in my love spells and rituals pdf.


Holy water is very easy to get in any Catholic church. Do not forget to bring a container. Get coarse salt or sea salt, throw a handful of your hand over the bowl with the holy water, you will stir them well and start spreading it all over your house while you ask the angels to accompany you pray our father and bless you all your home, office or business.

For your cleaning, after the common bath, you will wet your hands with the holy water already prepared and start rubbing your whole body, constantly wetting your hands, if there is any pain that is not normal, focus mainly on that place, to once you pray our father, and when you finish the bath you can not dry your body, let it dry itself, and meditate with the angels asking what you want in your life and telling them to keep all bad energy away from you. You do not have to keep looking for the love spells and rituals pdf. This will work.


You must buy a sage smudge (sage smudge) is very easy to get at any esoteric store. Some matches and a small container with some sand. Be very careful where you are going to do it, that there is nothing nearby that can catch on fire. Before your altar, ask the angels to come to you, and accompany you for the cleansing you are going to do. Then you will light the smokehouse, you will quench the flames and you will carry the smokehouse throwing smoke all over the house and you will make a prayer to the angels while you go through the whole house or business. When you have finished, thank the divinity and the angels that your place is purified. For more about the prayers, download my love spells and rituals pdf. If you would like to know more about them, please feel free to contact me at guru@nanakwakubonsam.guru.

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