How To Cast White Magic Love Spells That Work Fast

How To Cast White Magic Love Spells That Work Fast

There are several forces that work in this world , but are invisible to the human eye. Magic and love are some of these forces.

While both are powerful forces, it is love that is elusive. Magic, on the other hand, when done correctly, is a fairly controllable energy. Many people seek to find love and others turn to magic to obtain true love.

With the use of any type of magic such as Wicca, white magic love spells or Egyptian Witchcraft among others, finding love could be as easy as you had never thought.

White magic love spells are based on acceptance and understanding

White magic does not seek any kind of submission or power, but it asks for acceptance and understanding. The user can seek divinity, not through supernatural beings or activities, but rather through everything that is present in nature.

Most people are completely fascinated with the idea of love spells. They fear them. They think that they are controlling and evil and they don’t help to obtain “true” love in any way. We have always read and seen in movies and books that the magic of love is dark and evil, which causes a person on whom it is issued to be “hypnotized” and follow the sorcerer’s orders. All this is complete trash!

You only need to know how white magic love spells work

By knowing how white magic love spells really work, you can clear your mind of all misconceptions, since they are a form of pure and innocent magic that helps people find the true love they deserve.

They do not manipulate or go against their free will of anyone.

They only increase the feelings that already exist within a person. When white magic love spells are cast, they help your lover to realize their feelings by avoiding all other barriers, such as negative forces, stress and influences of people.

Types of white magic love spells

There are many types of white magic love spells and they essentially function according to the law of attraction.

This is a very simple law that basically emphasises the fact that love begets love. If you radiate positive energy to the universe, you attract the same degree of positive energy. Even a simple thought that conjures when released in the universe as a form of energy attracts the energy of the same intensity.

For white magic love spells to be successful, you must make sure you are positive and sincere about the type of love that you profess. .

Trust the love spell in order to make it work

You must have complete faith and confidence in a love spell so that it can work to enable you achieve the desires of your heart. You must have the sincere faith that the spell will help you fulfill your wish. The lack of faith in the process of casting white magic love spells will only repress its effects.

When you cast a spell, it helps the other person to realize their latent feelings. Your energy and your positive beliefs combine with the natural forces to make this happen. Each entity within the universe is made up of pure and strong energy.

Each of our thoughts that we think also dissipates in the universe as energy. How pure your intention and your thinking is determines the purity of your energy and the success of the white magic love spells you cast.

Do you know that writing your own white magic love spells and rituals is a huge advantage?

It helps you because you will be using all your effort and inner power in the spell and the purpose is exactly what you want because you created it yourself. Sometimes, you may wonder why the spell you cast did not work. the reason is simple: it is because you did not create it. However, when you put your hands to work to make your own spells … I assure you that things will change!

What is very important when making white magic love spells?

  • Know what magic is. Know the different ways of how to increase, direct and leave energy on earth.

    Know how to project a circle and know how to open it. Know the profile of a spell.

  • Know the Intention or Purpose perfectly: What are you trying to do? Heal a pain? Increase your concentration? Celebrate a Sabbath?

    Before starting any white magic love spells work, you must have a very strong sense of what you want from the spell result.

  • Know the best time to cast the spell: Do you know what kind of magic should be used during the crescent or decreasing moon?

    What is the best kind of magic to practice on the full moon or on the new moon? What days of the week are better for another type of white magic love spells? Learn how the phases of the Moon and the days of the week affect white magic love spells so that you can later know when to cast your love spell.

The basic things to be done before casting white magic love spells
  1. Ritual Preparation: Choose the time of day you will do it and decide the purpose. You should also choose an aspect of the Divine, if you want. Decide on how to raise the cone of power (dancing, singing, etc.) and how to open and close the circle.
  2. Purify yourself and the magical space: You can do this with a bathing ritual for yourself or by meditation to calm down and focus your mind. You can purify your space with your magic broom, incense or burning herbs.
  3. Open the Circle
  4. Summon the gods
  5. Establish the Purpose: This is simply to tell the Gods why you have called him / her to the circle or, in other words, what you would like them to do for you.
  6. Raise energy by singing, dancing or how you feel more comfortable. Direct this energy using candles, herbs, gems or any of the correspondences that you find to fit for your need. Lower the energy to the earth when you have completed the spell.
  7. Thank the Gods
  8. Close the Circle.

Remember that this is a scheme to create your own white magic love spells.

There are people who believe that even if they are going to do a healing ritual, to have better luck, to go well on an exam or any kind of positive magic to another person, they can do it without their consent.

Whenever you want to make a white magic love spells to another person you must have their permission because if you do not ask it, you would be violating their will, and that is a lack of ethics.

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